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The word on the street: notebooks, netbooks and tablets, digital projectors and internal memory chips and boards are the “hot” targets for theft. And notebooks shared in wireless classrooms are a tempting target in schools, universities and training facilities. 


The iPad, tablet and eBook readers, such as the iPad™, HP TouchPad™ and  Kindle™ have to be protected.

Securing these can be quick and easy, leaving thieves to look for someone else’s equipment rather than yours.

Preventing laptop and

notebook theft 

Protecting, charging and

syncing iPads


Protecting the latest

* Netbooks and

* Network-Ready Cart Solutions

Multi-Bay Battery Chargers

Working with engineers with more than a decade of battery technology experience, we now provide compact, effective recharging strategies for organizations that want to maintain extra batteries for classes, training facilities, etc.  We can charge many popular notebooks, netbooks and tablets.

Protecting calculators, projectors and laptops in math and science labs, especially Texas Instruments classrooms.



With their new and innovative designs, Dell™ and Apple™ PCs are also “hot” targets of theft, especially netbooks, Mac mini's, iMACs™, G5s and Dells with the latest flat panel monitors.  Even iPods™ and iPhones™ have to be secured. However, all types of PCs, printers, monitors and scanners are easy to protect.


Protecting the latest
Dell™ equipment


Dell is a trademark of Dell Inc. Apple, "iPad", "iMac", "iPod", "iPhone" and MAC are trademarks of Apple Inc. "Kindle" is a trademark of Amazon.com.

For additional information on any of these products, please contact us, or e-mail at info@pc-security.com


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