• UL APPROVAL: All standard 8, 10, 16, 20, 24, 30 and 36 module carts are now UL-listed. Not just the electrical . . . the entire cart has been UL-tested for all applicable safety standards
    More outlets: Most models now provide even more surge-protected, UL-listed outlets for convenience with peripherals.
  • Largest opening available: Each shelf has 3.75” of clearance, which is great for reaching hands into tight modules. These larger openings also leave room for notebooks stored in Always-On cases, something not possible with other carts.
  • Free security cable or notebook cable: When you submit your warranty registration for your cart, we send you your choice of a universal maximum security cable kit or a Snap-It notebook security cable, a $50.00 value.
  • Packaging: We have improved the packaging of all carts to reduce freight damage by more than 75%.
  • Structure: We have increased the height of the cart bottom and the length of the structural support to improve the durability and security of the carts, especially on larger sizes.
  • Shelf design: We have changed the shelf design by adding a finger grip cutout and to make all shelves individually removable by the customer without compromising the structural integrity of the welded cart design. This gives the customer the flexibility to configure the cart interior to house other peripherals (such as a projector).
  • More Grommets – Better Security: We have added two sets of grommets to each cart to provide a more secure anchoring point for the security cable, an improvement over using cart handles.
  • Mounting brackets: We now use steel mounting brackets to attach the outlet strips and on/off switches (instead of Velcro) to more firmly attach these items.
  • Wire retention ties: All carts have a new wire management reusable cable tie system. The ties are removable and can be positioned on either side of each module. This allows for more customer flexibility with the positioning of laptops and power supply cords.
  • New wheels: All Datamation carts ship with a new type of enhanced wheels. All four wheels are swiveling and have steel brake locks (to make it easy to steer the carts into tight spaces). The wheels are made of polyurethane rubber, which does not scuff floors, is more durable and is quiet to operate on all surfaces. Our new wheels have precision ball bearings and dust covers, which extend the life and performance of the wheels. Datamation also offers an 8” tire option.
  • Refurbished carts: We usually have a limited number of factory-refurbished carts available with a new cart warranty. If you have a customer who wants the most secure cart they can get but at a very special price, please call us for availability and details.