ElectroClave™ and UniDock™ Disinfection and Device Management For Your Mobile Electronics

True endpoint mobile device management solution that addresses device sanitization, charging and management workflows for both patient and staff issued devices.

Seal Shield and Datamation Systems Debut Innovative Mobile Device Management Workflow. 

  • 360-Degree Coverage – Provides total coverage to ensure your devices are completely sanitized to help increase staff and patient safety
  • Rapid Sanitization Time – 60-second sanitization time allows for uninterrupted workflows giving your staff more time with their patients
  • Numerous Configurations – Multi-bay configurable to handle varying device types and sizes
  • Device to User Association – RFID tracking allows for the device to user association and the help with management of the devices throughout the organization
  • Easy Device Management – Sync or reimage multiple devices at once via connection to third-party MDM software such as GroundControl, Apple Configurator, etc.
  • Online Software Visibility – Networked connected devices allow for online reporting and visibility into a multitude of metrics for better decision making
  • Multi-Device Smart Charging – Ensure the safety and longevity of your devices with USB smart charging
  • Made in the USA* – Proudly manufactured in the USA to ensure the highest quality and standards for our customers

Notes: * Constructed with mostly US and some imported parts

Seal Shield and Datamation Systems Offer Innovative Mobile Device Management Workflow

ElectroClave™ and UniDock™ systems are both industry-leading solutions for solving key issues for managing and disinfecting patient and staff issued devices.  These two leading class systems come together to provide a comprehensive scalable solution for healthcare organizations to properly sanitize, re-image, charge, and track their mobile devices and handheld electronics. Most notable this unique partnership integrates key data points around biological and data sanitization plus real-time physical inventory. This gives healthcare organizations the ability to implement and efficiently manage workflows without adding any additional time or resources.

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“UniDock” is a trademark of Datamation Systems, Inc.