Whiteboard Wings for Dell™ C70 Flat Panel Displays

Set of magnetic and dry-erase whiteboard wings for mounting to a flat panel display mount or cart

Model # DS-SWBW-C70

  • Covers entire width and height of the display
  • Wings are attached to two metal bars that attach to the display mount
  • Features a honeycomb core that is covered, on both sides, with the DeLuxe projection surface
  • The dry-erase and magnetic DeLuxe surface provides low gain, a wide viewing angle and a hot-spot free image
  • Writing surface on both front and back of the wings
  • Two sets of hinges allow for the wings to be opened and closed in front of the display, to protect it when not in use
  • The wings are display specific; they cover the entire width and height of the display
  • Can be used on the following model display mounts/carts: DS-SCETA, DS-SCETTA, DS-SCETANHVWB and DS-SCETAWL

Display not included