Datamation Systems’ GatherRound™ Carts Offer

Efficiency, Benefits Unlike Any Others

  • Unique Top Load Design: The Datamation Systems Gather’Round carts have sliding top-load doors, so there are no doors that open up into the aisle, blocking access, especially important in crowded classrooms.
  • Comfortable height: Teachers and students no longer have to bend down to a few inches from the floor to reach a lower level of Chromebooks or Tablets. With a top-load design, all Chromebooks are easily accessed without placing added stress on the knees and back, a true ergonomic feature (and safer for students and teachers).
  • Fast Set-Up: IT managers love the easy, fast set-up and deployment provided by the Gather’Round carts unique cable management system. Charging cables are hidden out of view.  We have designed an outlet panel with block plug spacing that is universal, accepting any plug types.
  • Removable Trays: The trays have handles and can be removed from the cart easily.
  • Efficient In and Out: The Gather’Round design allows students to surround the cart to remove and replace devices more quickly (compared with all students crowded around one opening, as on conventional front-load carts).
  • Push Button Lock: Our push button lock design is secure and fast to use. You don’t need keys to lock the cart, only to unlock it.  Again, convenient and quick to use.
  • Better Line of Sight: The height of our Gather’Round carts is much lower than that of conventional carts, so students who push the cart down hallways can actually see in front of them, instead of having to peek around a tall side-door style cart. And, when the cart is sitting in a classroom, its low profile preserves the teacher’s precious line of sight.
  • Light and Easy to Move: Because Gather’Round carts are more compact, their weight is much less and therefore easier to maneuver, despite the use of heavier gauge, more durable steel construction.

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