Charge and Sync Solutions Designed For The Way iPads and Tablets Are Really Used

First, we made first security cart for Apple’s iPad™. Then, the first sync-and-charge solutions. Now, the most complete range of iPad and tablet deployment tools.

Universal USB hubs

(iPads, Android Tablets)

Security Carts
(iPads, minis, tablets)

Safes and Cabinets
(iPads, minis, tablets)

With the release of the latest iPad, schools and other organizations have been looking at tablets and e-Readers in new and innovative ways.  Datamation Systemsintroduced the first of a series of secure, compact, efficient and affordable storage solutions for these new devices: the DS-NETVAULT-IP. Now, even more compact charge-and-sync or just charging solutions are available.

In fact, we have created a full suite of solutions that address how you specifically use and deploy the iPad and other tablets.  Below are just a few examples of what we offer.

We offer the most complete product Ecosystem in the industry

  • Universal USB hubs (sync and charge iPads and most tablets)
  • Carts to charge and secure iPads and tablets
  • Cabinets to charge and secure the new iPad and previous models
  • Transport Cases to sync and charge iPads and tablets where needed
  • iPad racks for easy storage and support
  • iPad and tablet security enclosures for wall or table mounts

Universal USB Hubs (iPad, tablets, iPhones, iPods and other USB devices)

The most advanced, durable and affordable USB hubs for syncing and charging Apple devices plus virtually any USB-Chargeable device. Its advanced engineering lets it read each port and set the optimum charging profile for each connected device.

This helps conserve power and battery life and makes it truly universal. And it is future-proof (with user updatable firmware).

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UniDock Smart Hub

Maintaining critical smart phones is no easy task. UniDock is perfect for iPhones and other mobile devices wherever they are used:  in clinical communications, point of sale, field work and more.  UniDock can be fully integrated with management tools such as GroundControl’s ground-breaking mobility orchestration platform and can work with other software as well. It can work with Lightning, USB-micro and USB-C devices, the first future-proof, flexible dock ever.

It is built on an open API that allows you or your software provider to control connected devices with simple scripts and is powered by the industry-leading, professional USB technology of Cambrionix.

UniDock can work as a standalone device or connected to a network with a Mac or Windows host or a USB-over-IP appliance such as EtherSync.

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Manage and Charge 8 Devices


Manage and Charge 16 Devices


Manage and Charge 24 Devices


iPad and Tablet Carts

iPad and iPad mini Carts: Choosing the right carts can save you space, money and improve instruction. Datamation Systems created the first carts for the iPad — the NETVAULT-IP series — and now offers solutions that include state-of-the-art sync charge and charge-only carts and cabinets in a variety of sizes, including the innovative and compact Gather’Round™ and DS-MINI7 carts.  We even have solutions for the iPad Pro.  Datamation Systems also offers a wide range of cabinets and safes for charging and securing iPads and iPad minis.

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24-port iPad Cart with Universal Sync and Charge Hub

32-port iPad Cart with Universal Sync and Charge Hub

24-port iPad mini Cart with Universal Sync and Charge Hub

iPad Cabinets and Safes

Cabinets and Safes for iPads, iPad minis and many other tablets.  We offer configurations in sizes to accommodate 8-40 tablets and with professional hubs to sync and charge or just charge devices.  We welcome request for customized solutions.

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8-port iPad Safe with Sync and Charge Hub

16-port iPad Safe with Sync and Charger Hub

8-port iPad mini or 7″ Tablet Safe with Universal Sync and Charge Hub

Transport Cases

We offer industrial cases for transporting, securing, charging and easily syncing iPads, minis, iPhones and many other types of devices.  Many of our Carry Cases now feature universal hubs which can be used to sync and charge many types of tablets in labs, classrooms or any location were moving large quantities of tablets is impractical.

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