Mobile Device Charging, Storage and Security

Hotels, casinos, conference centers and restaurants are using mobile devices in a host of applications.

Quick charge and reliable device management is critical. UniDock’s professional, future-proof, drop-and-go connectivity and charging are perfect for these environments.

The UniDock’s patented adjustable guide system accommodates Apple & Android devices and cases from a naked iPod to an iPhone 8+ in an Otterbox.

This makes it virtually future-proof, especially with its field updatable firmware, network connectivity and open API.

It also works with platforms such as GroundControl’s mobility management platform.

Datamation Systems has thousands of USB hub trays, enclosures and other tools in leading healthcare organizations, providing professional, durable and flexible solutions.  Click here for examples.

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Compatible Solutions

GroundControl directly configures Apple mobile devices through USB and indirectly manages your mobile infrastructure through third party APIs. This allows your mobile services — MDM, WiFi controllers, apps, caching servers, and DEP if you have it — to work in concert in ways you only dreamed possible.  Used with the Unidock and other Datamation Systems solutions, GroundControl can:

  1. Digitally “sanitize” shared devices to remove personal data
  2. Enable “Self-Healing” of misconfigured devices
  3. Set up or re-provision devices with TRUE zero-touch
  4. Lock devices to specific apps, or lock out Apple IDs and iCloud
  5. Block unapproved WiFi networks
  6. Switch devices from one MDM server to another
  7. Set specific app settings for groups of devices
  8. Keep iOS and apps up to date to maintain security, but without interrupting the work day.

Datamation Systems partners with GroundControl offering unique solutions to secure, charge and sync the entire range of Apple mobile devices. Along with Cambrionix, we are among the first companies to provide the ThunderSync16 hub capable of syncing at over 20 Gbits/s using Thunderbolt host ports.  In addition, GroundControl offers the UniDock and our complete range of universal USB hubs with API control.

Apple Configurator

Datamation Systems products work with Configurator and related front end management tools and can be adapted to other third party communication and management systems.

Other Mobile Device Management Solutions

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