Securing the Latest Computer and Peripheral Equipment

Whether you have desktops, towers or all-in-one PCs — whether they are made by Dell, Lenovo, Hewlett Packard, Apple, anyone – they are worth protecting. The same is true of printers, large flat panel and touch screen monitors, scanners, audio equipment…anything.

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Below are are just a few examples of high level security solutions.  Contact us for ANY type of equipment you would like to protect.

Lenovo Security Pads and Enclosures

Physical security pads and enclosures for Lenovo M72/M92 computers, M73/M93 Computers and Lenovo P300 tower PCs.

Conen Security for Flat Panels and Touch Screen Displays

Conen universal mounts for large flat panel and touch screen monitors.  Conen offers carts, wall and motorized, height and tilt adjustable solutions.  Click here

Universal Cable Security Kits

These maximum security devices protect the monitor, CPU, mouse, and keyboard in a compact design.

Universal security cable kits offer a flexible, affordable method to protect any Dell, Lenovo, HP computer system and its components

Cable Kits include a 6’, ¼” thick galvanized steel aircraft cable, vinyl coated to 5/6” total diameter, 40mm laminated steel padlock with hardened steel double locking shackle and fasteners to protect any model of equipment.

Lenovo M73-TINY

Convenience Charging Lockers

TechGuard™ Lockers by Bretford

TechGuard lockers provide an advanced, individual locking and charging solution for notebooks, tablets, phones and personal devices.

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Examples of our Physical Security Solutions & Services

MakerBot Pad

Custom solutions for printers, AV equipment and much more. Contact us