Tablet, Laptop and Netbook and eReader Carts, Cabinets and Cases

When notebook, tablet and netbook PCs are used in classrooms and training facilities, they are often vulnerable to theft and unauthorized use. So are eReaders. Schools, universities, corporate training facilities and conference centers protect this valuable equipment in our laptop carts, cabinets and cases specifically designed to secure, transport and re-charge notebooks, tablets,
iPads and netbooks.

For security and durability, these are the most important criteria when selecting a laptop cart, case or notebook cabinet:

  • Laptop carts and cabinets should have welded steel construction for durability.
  • Make sure the laptop cart or cabinet has a very secure lock. You are protecting a lot of valuable equipment and security is a critical feature.
  • Electrical outlets should allow for recharging notebook & netbook computers and the use of peripherals (such as printers and access points).
  • Whenever possible, electrical outlets should provide surge-protection.
  • Wheels should be easy to push and lock. Large wheel options should be available.
  • Shelves should have large clearance for easy handling and flexibility for future technology.
  • Shelves should be individually removable so you can configure the inside of carts as your needs change.