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Security for Notebooks and Laptops

Laptop and notebook PC's are designed to be portable and light. So how do you keep people from stealing them without attaching a ball and chain and anchoring them to a desk?

Datamation Systems has developed the most comprehensive range of notebook security options anywhere. All are lightweight and flexible and avoid bulky or heavy permanent attachments to your equipment. Cables loop around chairs or table legs and coil up for easy carrying. Some come with convenient pouches.

  Notebook Security Cable Options:  Notebook cables are usually the first line of defense in protecting laptops from theft.  Datamation Systems offers four strategies to accomplish this goal, strategies for every budget and level of concern.  Kensington, Snap-It-max and Stop-Lock kits headline these security solutions.  click here for more information.
  Security carts, cabinets and cases protect and recharge laptops in classrooms and training facilities.
  Docking station security devices protect notebooks while they are docked.
  Motion sensitive sound alarms scream like hell if someone moves your notebook.
  Theft deterrent asset tags can identify property and help you get it back.
  Recovery Systems: If you want any chance to get your laptop back, use a kind of LoJakô that tracks and recovers lost notebooks.


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