Introducing UniDock™ — Self-Healing Smart Docks for Mobile Device Control & Clinical Communications

Datamation Systems is proud to introduce UniDock, an innovative smart dock for mobile device charging, syncing and management.

Maintaining critical smart phones is no easy task. UniDock is perfect for iPhones and other mobile devices wherever they are used:  in clinical communications, point of sale, field work and more.  UniDock can be fully integrated with management tools such as GroundControl’s ground-breaking mobility orchestration platform and can work with other software as well. It can work with Lightning, USB-micro and USB-C devices, the first future-proof, flexible dock ever.

It is built on an open API that allows you to control connected devices with simple scripts and is powered by the industry leading USB technology of Cambrionix.  For more information, click here.

UniDock can work as a standalone device or connected to a network with a Mac or Windows host or a USB-over-IP appliance such as EtherSync.

UniDocks in Retail
UniDocks in Healthcare
UniDocks in Hospitality

Other UniDock Features:

  • Highest quality electronics enables the quickest 1.5A charging of up to 16 iPhones simultaneously when connected to a host (2.1A when in standalone charge mode).
  • Powered by the industry-leading technology of Cambrionix, UniDocks can be daisy-chained for larger configurations.
  • Future-proof design accommodates a variety of devices, protective cases and future cable connections, from a naked iPod to an iPhone 7+ in an Otterbox case.
  • It can be configured for Lightning, micro USB and USB-C cable connections and can be converted in the future.
  • Intuitive LED indicators show charging and readiness of each device. LEDs can be controlled using the UniDock API.
  • Datamation Systems’ patented guide system can be adjusted to accommodate virtually anything  from a naked iPod to an iPhone 7+ in an Otterbox!
  • Fully integrated syncing with software such as GroundControl provides control over the timing of iOS and application updates.

Easy docking for 16 iPhones, iPods or Android devices in most protective cases.

Unique docking system is “future-proof”.  It can be used to handle devices from a naked iPod to an iPhone 7+ in an Otterbox case.

LED displays for charge and sync functions. Durable acrylic top helps guide the docking of devices and is easy to clean.

To learn how we can help your existing or planned mobile device rollout or to augment your current iPhone deployment with UniDock, contact us at

For more information, click here or call 201.329.7200.

“UniDock” is a trademark of Datamation Systems, Inc.