Securing the Latest Apple Equipment



Security Cart Solutions for the Apple iPad

Protect the new iPad (and previous generations) in classrooms and training facilities with compact carts and cabinets that secure and recharge multiple devices.  We can even accommodate the iPad Pro.  The newest versions will sync-and-charge 16-40 iPads.  All our sync and charge solutions are powered by Cambrionix with their future-proof, user updatable firmware, a valuable innovation.  read more


Charge and Sync-Charge Cabinets


Charge and Sync-Charge Carts


EtherSync™ - USB-over-IP



32-Port Sync and Charge Station

Universal USB Hub



15-Port Universal Sync and Charge USB Hub



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  Sync and Charge Security Cabinet for 24 iPhones, iPods and other Mobile Devices



Can be used to charge and sync any iPod™, iPod Touch and iPhone™, as well as virtually any smart phone that charges with USB. Features unique future-proof updatable firmware.  read more


  Charging and Syncing Trays for iPods and iPhones


Trays and drawers for storing, charging and syncing devices can  help manage mobile deployments.  read more


  Protect iPads in Public Access Areas


This maximum security enclosure protects iPads in libraries, service desks, trade shows, welcome desks and kiosks. Versions for counter or wall-mount protect iPads where they are used.

read more


  Apple TV® Security


Anything that looks this good and is this small, shouts out "steal me". This new security enclosure protects your Apple TV.  read more


Mac mini Security Devices


The Mac mini has always been a tempting target of theft: elegant, small, and all too easy to steal. This security device protected many from theft.

  • Maximum security to protect your Mac mini without compromising its extraordinary design.

  • Much more secure than a slot lock cable. Secures the mini to furniture with a powerful adhesive base (700 pounds of dynamic sheer strength) and/or screws.

  • Used in schools, office, libraries, museums and public access areas.

For more information on Mac mini security, please contact us (and tell us which version you have). Contact us for photos and specifications.

Security Kits for the Latest iMac®

Apple® recently announced the release of another new iMac G5 with yet another dramatic design concept. These new designs have met with an enthusiastic response from Mac users, but they present several challenges in creating a security strategy to protect them from theft while honoring their sleek form and function. Each new iMac design has been a popular target of theft in both schools and offices. Just as Datamation Systems was first to market with security solutions for the old iMac, G4 Cube and new flat screen monitors, we have an elegant but effective protection for the latest iMac design.



Netsafe7-C-16 Charge and Secure

Up to 16 iPad minis & 7″ Tablets

Sleek iMac G5/Intel

Security Cable Kit


Simple, elegant maximum security

to protect the newest iMac G5

Datamation Systems worked with the Apple team providing iMacs to the New York City public schools and developed new security enclosures and security cable kits. . . the first security solutions of their kind. We even created a security device that protects Apple's flat screen displays without compromising their adjustability.


Other Apple and Mac Security Devices


Recharging MacBook

Security Cabinet 




Security ID and Recovery


Our Security Solutions




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Chromebook Carts

iPad Carts

Tablet Carts (w/universal hubs)

Network-Ready Managed Carts

Netbook Carts

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Notebook & Netbooks

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iPads and iPad minis

iPods and iPhones
Sync and Charge Strategies

iPad Security Enclosure

Apple TV

Other Apple Equipment

EtherSync Remote Management

Security for Dell Equipment


Survey of Solutions

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Recovery Systems

Asset Tags




Complete Charging Solutions

Dell Chargers

Lenovo Chargers


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