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Complete Protection for Your Valuable Equipment
Theft is a sad fact of life. But it’s also the reality of modern business.

If you are like other organizations – schools, universities, hospitals, offices – you work hard for equipment resources and try to integrate them into the way you work. When equipment is lost or stolen, it hurts, not only because of the cost of replacing the equipment, but also because of the disruption and inconvenience of dealing with the loss.



Carts, Cabinets

& Cases

iPad Sync-and-Charge

Multi-Bay Battery Chargers

Cables, Alarms

& Other Devices

Fortunately, to fight theft you do not have to become a security expert. We can do it for you. With no cost or obligation, Datamation Systems’ experienced security specialists can identify the strategy, products and solutions that match your concerns, your work environment and your budget.

We can provide a complete range of security solutions: from wireless classroom laptop carts to security cabinets and cases for netbooks, iPads and tablets; from anti-theft cables to steel enclosures; from security pads to sound alarms; from software control and recovery systems to special asset tags.

As the largest provider of anti-theft devices for computers and office equipment in the world, Datamation Systems can help you prevent the theft of desktop and notebook computers, eReaders, fax machines, printers, audio-visual equipment, lab equipment and virtually any physical asset.

Our web site provides information about physical security and recovery systems drawn from our experience in corporate, educational and institutional environments. It is intentionally not product-oriented; it is solution-oriented. We can help you configure exactly what you need to provide an “ounce of prevention.”


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